AF IMP Carnival Japan 2017 // Photo Coverage.

We’re not sure what it is about AF IMP Carnival, but year after year we find ourselves covering this particular event. Let’s be real, what majority of us think when you mention Japan is either slammed VIP sedans with -20 degrees of camber, or badass drift cars..right? Events like AF IMP are here to change that perception and they do a damn good job. We are honestly just so fascinated with the amount of passion Japanese enthusiasts have for Euros. Whether it’s simple (almost) USDM style of modding with wheels/drop/lip or completely over the top (custom metal work and the whole 9) stuff, these enthusiasts continue to do everything 100%. Next time you are anywhere near Maishima Sports Island (Osaka prefecture) in the month of May, make sure to stop by AF IMP Carnival. Big thanks to Yuuki san or sending us these awesome photos. Enjoy!

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