AutoFashion VIP Fest 2017 // Photo Coverage.

If you’re an enthusiasts of VIP cars and you’ve never been to AutoFashion’s VIP Fest you’re missing out on great things in life. We’ve been to a ton of meets/shows, and VIP Fest is as close as it gets to the way things are done in Japan. Not only in terms of overall vibe and laid back atmosphere but the quality & styling of cars. Huge presence of crew/teams with countless nobori flags displayed proudly next to most of the cars, classic hip hop blasting through the speakers and every few steps you take there is a chance you’ll run into a president or representative of companies such as Aimgain, Junction Produce, Mode Parfume and more! Even if you don’t have a car to display yet, there is a high possibility that you will walk from the event feeling very inspired. So yes, we enjoyed VIP Fest very much and if we didn’t make it obvious as to why you should give this event a visit, just take a look at the photos below. Big shout out to AutoFashion and everyone involved in making this event happen!

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