Complete Festa 2018 // Photo Coverage.

This one is for all you VIP Style enthusiasts! Now we know 30 something photos isn’t enough especially with the caliber of cars that were present at the years Complete Festa event so you’ll have to let us slide this time! Going on their 5th year now, Complete Festa (held at the SUGO Circuit in Miyagi Prefecture) seems to be VIP & VIP Style-first event, though a handful of Kei cars, Euros and vans also come out to play. If you haven’t, make sure to check out last years Part 1 & Part 2 coverage to get a better idea of the type of cars you can expect to see at this event. Undeniably, the vehicle of the show was the all new Lexus LS500, and there were a few incredible examples in attendance as you’ll soon see. It’s still too early to tell whether the all new LS will continue playing as big of an impact in the VIP world as the previous generations but something tells us that it just might. We’re hoping to see a few new ones pop at next years Tokyo Auto Salon & Osaka Auto Messe. For now we hope you enjoy these awesome shots sent in by Yuuki.

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