If you’re a regular here at StanceNation chances are that you’re familiar with all the crazy Japanese big bodied sedans we feature from time to time. But we all know that Japan was gifted with more than just the ability to create good looking VIP/Style cars. Yes, we are talking about drifting! D.D HEROES is an event where you’ll not only see the grassroots guys doing what they love, but even a few “show” cars join in on the fun. Even though it’s obvious from the photos, we just wanna say that if you’re a fan of the S-Chassis this will be one of your favorite posts we’ve ever published here on StanceNation. Big shout out to D.D → HEROES event staff for putting on such a great event.

Drifting Japan-1

Drifting Japan-2

Drifting Japan-3

Drifting Japan-4

Drifting Japan-5

Drifting Japan-6

Drifting Japan-7

Drifting Japan-8

Drifting Japan-9

Drifting Japan-10

Drifting Japan-11

Drifting Japan-12

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