OijOij Society (one of the largest Scandinavian automotive communities) is all about bringing people together who share the same interests. They have been doing it since 2008 and have done an outstanding job putting Scandanavia on the map! They kicked off 2014 with a meet called “Early Fitment”, which brought out 100’s of people around Norway. What’s great about how OijOij does things is that there is no discriminating. Euros, Japanese, even American muscle cars were more than welcomed to come out and enjoy the beautiful Norweigan spring weather! This is just the beginning though as OijOij is planning a couple more bigger events later in the year. We’re definitely looking forward to sharing with you what Norway/Sweden car enthusiasts have in store so make sure you stay tuned! For now, we hope you enjoy a few photos from Early Fitment!

early fitment photos-1

early fitment photos-175

early fitment photos-5

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early fitment photos-179

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early fitment photos-181

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