Fenderist Japan 2019 Photo Coverage.

Its our 2nd year covering Fenderist Japan and we are happy to announce that this years event seems to have brought together even more awesome cars than it did last year (which you can check out by clicking here). Fenderist is a relatively new event for Japan and is one of the more unique events if we’re being honest. What’s unique about it you ask? Well you see majority (about 95%!) of the events in Japan are held outdoors, though there are a handful indoor ones (Tokyo Auto Salon & Osaka Auto Messe being the two major ones). What the Fenderist staff did was integrate indoor and outdoor areas and nowadays that’s almost unheard of for Japanese car scene. It’s not the biggest event, it’s not the most popular event, but it is one of our favorites. Simply looking through this coverage provided by Yuuki Kouno will tell you exactly why we’re so impressed with it. The quality of cars is outstanding, variety is also there, and of course the fact that majority of the cars are “stanced” always helps! Sit back and enjoy these awesome photos by none other than Mr. Rock Photograph himself!

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