Karmecca 2019 // Photo Coverage.

Unfortunately we missed last years Karmecca but there was no way we were going to miss it again! For those who aren’t familiar with Karmecca, it is an annual event hosted in Sacramento, California by the ladies and gentleman behind the famous PURE VIP crew/team. This was their second year doing it and judging from what everyone tells us, the amount of cars that came out was close to double that of last year. We don’t know the exact amount but it’s safe to say that it’s somewhere in the 250-300 range. The location is what makes this event though in our opinion. Located under the I5 & 80 intersect, the vibe is just right. Dare we say we felt a little bit of Daikoku Japan especially as the sun was setting down! All in all it was an excellent event and we are very excited to see this event grow even bigger in the near future. Big shout out to all the organizers and staff for doing an excellent work. Events like this will definitely put Sacramento on the map.

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