Back with part 2 of my Miyazaki meet photo coverage and this time around I’m also going to include a short video I put together of the crazy light setups. As you know, LED lighting has been pretty hot in Japan for the last couple of years and my guess is that it should be making its way to the states here next year. I was also able to get a few good photos of the cars leaving the building so make sure you scroll down and check them all out.

Photos By: Chris Anderson exclusively for

We all know and love the D’Custom Freak Toyota Celsior.

I liked this older Toyota Majesta representing Spark Fine. The K Break BBK + wheel package is just awesome.

Another big body sedan. (Toyota Crown)

We’ve seen this Team Aspriation Toyota Aristo (Lexus GS) in the previous coverage. Such a badass build..

This thing has a more screens and better audio setup in its trunk than I do at my home.

Very flashy Celsior UCF20/21. Check out those rear lips..damn!

Vans are very hot in Japan at the moment. The amount of money some of these cars/vans have in them is simply mind-blowing. Safe to assume there is a few grand in those headlights alone..

…and check out the interior. Screens on screens, heck who needs a speedometer right there anyway.

R E S P E C T. Check out more of Junpei’s Celsior here.

Big body, big lips, big brakes, it’s all about pushing the envelope. Love this Job Design kitted Majesta.

..and another one.

They don’t call this car the President for no reason. Simply mind-blowing in person.

Sitting pretty on Work Gnosis GS-2’s..

Can anyone guess what kind of car this is? Even just a make will do..

White Crowns sure do look nice. Love the clean radius work in the rear on this particular one.

Concave looking good on this Lexus SC.

As seen in part 1..

Slammed Toyota Prius sitting on Work Emotion CR Kai’s. It actually looks very good.

Opinions on this?

There is less and less of these cars around.

Woahhhh, too damn crazy! ICE & AERO on point! Love the matching interior..

Fourth Generation of the Toyota Crown Majesta. Which reminds me, have any of you seen the new 2014 Crowns? Talk about luxury..With that said though, I’ll leave you with a few roll out photos to enjoy. It was raining pretty hard that day and I couldn’t get as many photos as I would haved liked to.