Here it is guys, third and last part of our extensive coverage of the Osaka Auto Messe event as shot by Takashi Fukui, Kimura San & JC Pepino. The first five pages of todays coverage was sent in to me by JC Pepino from Work Wheels Japan while rest are by Takashi Fukui. You’ll notice that Takashi’s photos are mostly closeups and detail shots of the cars we showed you in the first part. I’m sure most of you will enjoy them. In case you missed the first two parts, click here for 1 and here for 2. I am really not sure what to say about this event that hasn’t already been said so let’s get right into the photos then. As always, click the photos for high resolution and make sure you click through all the pages! Enjoy.

osaka auto messe photos-1

osaka auto messe photos-2

osaka auto messe photos-3

osaka auto messe photos-4

osaka auto messe photos-5

osaka auto messe photos-6

osaka auto messe photos-7

osaka auto messe photos-8

osaka auto messe photos-9

osaka auto messe photos-10

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