Osaka Auto Messe 2020 Photo Coverage // Part 1.

We absolutely love covering the Osaka Auto Messe event. As a matter of fact it used to be our favorite show in Japan (even better than Tokyo Auto Salon) for the simple fact that Osaka Auto Messe had a ton more “stance” in it. Not just any stance, but some of the finest VIP sedans that Japan has to offer. Over the years the number of VIP rides has gone downhill quite a bit, and as you’ll see in this coverage as well as Part 2 that we’ve got coming up, 2020 Osaka Auto Messe went from being majority VIP sedan event, to only having a handful of VIP cars; most belonging to Nizo Low. We’re a little saddened by it, but we are far from dissapointed with Osaka Auto Messe. The event still brings together 100’s of incredible cars and we strongly urge everyone to give it a visit if you ever have the opportunity. We’ll be back with Part 2 in the next few days, stay tuned!

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