First thing I said when I saw these photos? “This can’t be real!”. I know for a fact that a few of you will as well. Apparently this “Rinku 7Day” event is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) RX7 event in western Japan. Held annually at Osaka’s Rinku Park and bringing out over 300 incredible rotaries from all over Japan, Rinku 7Day is more than your typical car meet. There are no “entry fee’s”, you simply pay about $10 for your park entrance and you spend the day admiring these beautiful machines, checking out products from companies such as MZRacing, I-feelin & RMagic, or you can even take a few photos with a special guest. Every year it’s a different guest, but this year it was the drift king, Keiichi Tuchiya who took the main stage. Let’s hope that with more internet exposure this event can continue getting bigger and better every year. We have to give a shout out to Nakamuraya for sponsoring this incredible event and we look forward to bringing you a ton more photos next year. Big thanks to our friend Hisashi for the coverage.

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