StanceNation Aichi Japan Photo Coverage // Part 2.

We’re running way behind on this one but we have a feeling it will be worth it with the amount of awesome photos that Ryo captured. As mentioned in our previous post ( click here ), this was our first time hosting an event in Aichi so majority of the cars that came out we have never seen before, which was very exciting! Best of show went to the AE86 you see above and you’ll see why when you see more photos of it. It was real honor coming down to Aichi and we hope to be able to do it again next year. About a month after this event we held yet another event in Japan, this time we went back to Yamaguchi. Stay tuned, we’ll be dropping the coverage of that event next week. For now sit back and enjoy these cool photos shot by Ryo. Big thanks to everyone for your continued support, we could not do this without our amazing fans!