StanceNation Japan G Edition Odaiba 2017 Photo Coverage // Part 2.

In total we are going to have about 700 or so photos from this event, and the crazy part is that just barely covers half the cars that were in attendance. We were just a few shy from having 1,000 cars at this years Odaiba show simply because we ran out of space and that’s totally OK because we don’t like to cramping cars together at our shows. Today we’ll be looking at a bunch of shots from Kimura Shou’s perspective. They include a couple dozen roll-in photos and 100’s of photos taken all throughout the day. Looking back at these photos we find ourselves so thankful to so many people. It just baffles our minds the amount of support we continue receiving from fellow car enthusiasts. We’d like to express to you once again that we greatly appreciate you. Without you none of this would be possible. How about we get straight into the photos then? Enjoy!

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