StanceNation Japan G Edition Odaiba 2017 Photo Coverage // Part 3.

No better way to end the coverage of our biggest event to date than with a boom. We’re talking yet another set of 200 + amazing photos here! Everything that needed to be said about this event has already been said so at this time we would just like to thank everyone for their support. First and foremost our Geibunsha family for helping us put all this together. If people only knew the amount of work that this event requires you would think we are crazy for doing it. We also want to thank all of the vendors for coming through as well as every car and spectator that showed up. We couldn’t do it without you guys! Last but not least, the StanceNation photo staff. Not only the three guys that covered this particular event but all the others that didn’t get a chance to make it this time. We appreciate you all very much! With that said, we hope you enjoyed the event as well as our coverage of it. See you all later in the year!

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