StanceNation Japan G Edition Osaka 2017 Photo Coverage // Part 1.

Our StanceNation Osaka event has been in the works for years so to finally make it happen feels amazing. For those not familiar with our Japan events, we do 2 events per year. One being in Nagasaki (typically in the beginning of the year) and one is Tokyo (towards the end of the year). That left the entire summer wide open, so we felt that adding one more event to the table felt appropriate. Well, also because we typically turn away 100’s to sometimes even thousands of cars simply because of lack of space. This year we were finally able to link up with Music Circus guys for a 2 day event. On one side of the venue there was a huge music festival with tens of thousands of people, while we handled the other side by bringing out 350+ cars on Saturday, and 350+ all new cars on Sunday. We had 6 different photographers come out to this event so expect a ton more photos over the next couple of weeks. For now enjoy Yuuki’s point of view.

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