StanceNation Las Vegas 2018 Photo Coverage // Part 1.

We love cars. We love fellow car enthusiasts. We love hosting car events. Every year we aim to not only increase the overall quality of our events, but also bring our event into new parts of the US. This year we decided to give Las Vegas a try, and while the turnout was a lot smaller than we had hoped for, compromising the quality of show cars present just to fill up the venue was not something we were interested in doing. Yes, our goal is to bring ALL car enthusiasts together but when it comes to show cars, we HAVE to focus on bringing the best of the best together. There were a ton of out of state and out of country visitors that flew in to Vegas for SEMA, we wanted them to see the BEST that Vegas has to offer at our show. Not only does that make our event look like a proper car show and not a car meet, but it also helps represent Vegas positively. We want people to leave our show and tell people “Damn, Vegas doesn’t mess around!”. Don’t get us wrong, we are not bashing shows that focus on quantity of cars instead of quality. There is plenty of food for all of us to eat and we encourage those shows to keep doing what they’re doing as it helps the car community grow, but focusing on quality than quantity is what separates our shows from many others. With that said, we’ll be back with part 2 in the next few days but for now enjoy these awesome shots taken by Marcus Lundell!

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