It’s been 2 years since the last edition of Überfest and expectations were high. Just a few weeks after two major european events, you’d think you would just see the same cars all over again. But this was definitely not the case. Once again the Überfest team have shown that they know how to put together a diverse selection of quality cars, plenty of which were not seen anywhere this year. That, along with great vibes and people, all at the ‘Sachsenring’ racetrack made for a great day and a high quality event!

Uberfest 2016-1

Uberfest 2016-2

Uberfest 2016-3

Uberfest 2016-4

Uberfest 2016-5

Uberfest 2016-6

Uberfest 2016-7

Uberfest 2016-8

Uberfest 2016-9

Uberfest 2016-10

Uberfest 2016-11

Uberfest 2016-12

Uberfest 2016-13

Uberfest 2016-14

Uberfest 2016-15

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