The annual ‘Wörthersee GTI Treffen’ has become a sort of Mecca for euro car fanatics. Ever since people began to arrive 2 weeks before the actual event (mostly due to party tourism), car lovers from all corners of Europe have pilgrimmed to that famous lake surrounded by the Alps. This year was no different, and as expected, a lot bigger than the last. With more people and more cars, it was bound to be a busy few days. Traffic made up of modified cars turned a 15min trip between the two major hotspots into a 2 hour journey. Besides that, there was really nothing there that was not to like. Cars of all makes and models, suited for all different tastes. It’s just so good to see more and more people going for flush fitment and wide wheels instead of big wheels and static tuck too! Oh and let’s not forget the stunning scenery. Sadly the weather didn’t quite play along 100% but that didn’t keep anyone from presenting their pride and joy. Can’t wait to see what next year has in stall!

Worthersee 2015-2

Worthersee 2015-3

Worthersee 2015-4

Worthersee 2015-5

Worthersee 2015-6

Worthersee 2015-7

Worthersee 2015-8

Worthersee 2015-9

Worthersee 2015-10

Worthersee 2015-11

Worthersee 2015-12

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