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    Z32 new to stance need some help

    I bought a 300z not knowing what i was getting into, long story short, I gave up on getting it to 400whp for now and going with form after seeing this site by the way its my daily driver, here some things I'd like help with...

    I already got coilovers and dropped it wicked low, everything scrapes and everyone looks, I like it but when I camber it would I have to shave the wheel wells so it wont rub the tires so much

    What about the oil pan and such, differential and driveshaft do I need to fabricate it to be tucked in more

    Since its going to be cambered pretty bad would it be hard to get it aligned or should I go to a special shop, I work at Fairway Ford and the tire guy doesnt want to help me he's a douche

    And any other advice that you think this new guy could use please go ahead and share

    your probably slapping your foreheads right now thinking this guys fucking stupid but I come from Detroit all i know is build engines for muscle cars, so when it comes to imports and slamming cars totally new but I love the style if you could help that'd be awesome and engine problems I'd be happy to help you back.

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    Re: Z32 new to stance need some help

    for starters, you can buy my wheels.
    They were on my 300zx for this show season, fitment is on point, basically brand new, and all you will need to do is pull the fenders a bit to get it to fit. right now it is the most aggressive set ever put onto a 300zx.. until my next set that is replacing it.

    as for the oil pan, one of the great things is that the oil pan is tucked behind and above the front subframe, making it almost impossible to crack the pan without already having done severe damage to the subframe. no VW oil pan issues here. mine is extremely low and all i occasionally scrape on is my exhaust, which doesnt bother me much.

    here is a pic of mine for reference. 19x9.5 front, 19x12 out back
    1990 Nissan 300zx show car
    2005 Audi S4 6 speed moro blue
    2002 Audi TT225(sold)

    on the lookout for a '72-'74 BMW 3.0cs as my second stanced project

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    Re: Z32 new to stance need some help

    Thank you my man that helped and those rims are absolutely AMAZING but sorry to tell you I dont have 5G's to dish out on rims right now :/ but that Z looks damn PERFECT.




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