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    Mr. & Mrs. Lewis - Swagger wagon & minivette

    First I will start off with my wifes car.

    2005 Saab 92x Aero:

    -2011 2.5 sti short block with 2.0 heads
    -Blouch 16gxt turbo charger
    -750cc Deatswerks injectors
    -Perrin big 3in inlet
    -Cobb short ram intake
    -Godspeed open bell mouth downpipe
    -Godspeed 3in full stainless exhaust
    -STI headers & up pipe
    -Godspeed big TMIC
    -Walbro 255lph fuel pump
    -AEM TRU-Boost & Wideband
    -Tuned by Top Speed by Doug Wilks
    -Suspension Techniques coilovers
    -Rays 77F VAIO 18x7.5 G-games
    ^^ Custom powdered translucent Raspberry
    -Wrapped in Kuhmo AST 215/ 35/ 18's

    Mods to come:
    -Custom rear diffuser
    -Front splitter
    -Battery relocate
    -Roll cage is in the making
    -Custom FMIC

    My pride and joy:

    1992 Miata:

    -LSX corvette swapped
    -T56 6- speed transmission
    -8.8 ford rear end with 330 gears
    -Precision PT-70 turbocharger
    -949 15x10 racing wheels
    ^^ wrapped in RS-3 tires
    -Full cage
    -Hard top

    * Still under construction*


    I will have better and more pics up soon. Just stay tuned.
    Follow IG: @kindredimpulse_cj


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    Re: Mr. & Mrs. Lewis - Swagger wagon & minivette

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Lewis
    1992 Miata:

    -LSX corvette swapped
    -Precision PT-70 turbocharger

    Jesus. I want to see this. :twisted: :twisted: :clap: :icon-eek:

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    Re: Mr. & Mrs. Lewis - Swagger wagon & minivette

    moar pics
    Always working on the cobalt

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    Re: Mr. & Mrs. Lewis - Swagger wagon & minivette

    Pics will be updated shortly.
    Follow IG: @kindredimpulse_cj


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    Re: Mr. & Mrs. Lewis - Swagger wagon & minivette

    This is my old car. I just sold it to get started on the miata:

    Follow IG: @kindredimpulse_cj


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    Re: Mr. & Mrs. Lewis - Swagger wagon & minivette

    the IS looks amazing man, clean and simple. Can't wait to see what you turn the miata into

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    i had just put up a thread about em saabaru's ... looks real nice wife riding in style . & the IS did look good but i prefer the miata . this is full of win .



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