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    Flushed+Lowered+Bombed+Intercooled CRV -|| INDONESIAN ||-

    The latest thread was broke down! so this is the new one! -_- how embarrass man.

    From our workshop Tracer auto modified Presenting the FLushed CRV concepted by my brother him self From exterior to Interior.

    This CRV was a Vip crv before,but me brother wants to be a Flushino style hehehe

    So here goes....

    The Hood !

    This K24 was non turbo but we put Intercooler kit in it, so it looks like using turbo.. (Its a TRICK! )

    The Rims !

    The Audio !

    -----------------------Thats all guys,the specs will be the comment--------------------------

    Special thanks to: c('.'c) b(^.^)d

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    sick man!

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    hahahaha... thanks man!

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    The specs.
    Exterior Interior
    -Bodykit Modulo OEM -Honda Red (emblem) OEM
    -Semi bucket Bride ERGO -Start engine Button PIVOT
    -Grill Modulo OEM -Antenna JDM carbon - Takata Seatbelt 6point -Pedal set Mugen
    -Spoiler Modulo OEM -HID 3set -Tachometer PIVOT
    -Headlamp angel eyes -Indicator DEFI
    -Sunroof Webasto 5channel -Panel" Sticker bombed
    Audio Engine
    -Head unit Pioneer 7'' -Speaker Cello 6pcs -Intercooler kit -Ground HKS
    -Speaker 3way Cello -TV 24" motorized -Intake Cusco Carbon -Turbo timer APEXi
    -Sub Cello 12" 4pcs -Mirror TV 7" -Strut Bar Hurricane
    -Monoblock Cello 2pcs -Head rest 7" -Oil cap Mugen
    -4ch Cello 2pcs -TV 7'' 13pcs -Oil Costank Cusco

    *********THE BOLD TEXT IS THE ENGINE&INTERIOR****************************
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