Welcome to Stance:Nation. We hope that these next few Questions/Answers can give you a better idea of what this site is about and how we look at things. It’s not for everyone, but to us it’s a lifestyle.

What is Stance:Nation all about?
Simply put, we are here to promote the “aggressive fitment” movement and showcase some of the latest and greatest cars that are pushing the aggressive fitment limits in one way or another. Stretched tires, low offset & wide wheels is nothing new, people have been doing it throughout Europe and Japan for decades now. So, don’t get confused, we’re not taking any credit, we’re only here to make it bigger and better.

What exactly is an Aggressive  Fitment?
When you see us use these words, we’re referring to a few things.  One would consist of negative offset wheels. Whether you’re running a crazy concave or a nice deep lip on your wheels, as long as it’s wide (usually starts at about 9″ goes up to 13″) it’s right.

In order to tuck your tires inside your fenders while your rims sit flush with the fender (or poke slightly), you’re going to have to have some kind of stretched tire. Some stretch their tires more then others but at the end of the day it’s all up to the owner to decide how much he wants the rim to poke past the fender, and how much he is going to stretch that tire. Here is an example of a mild, and a somewhat Extreme stretch. The drop is about the same.

Lastly, lowering, the most important thing. Your top two options are coilovers or air suspension. One of the biggest discussions is Coilovers vs. Airbags! From what we can tell (on our site/forum and various other sites) running true coilovers will get you more respect/attention if you can pull it off. One of the biggest downsides for running coilovers is being limited from driving everywhere.  With bags however, you can avoid any bumps/curbs trouble and just raise the car up and go.  At the end of the day, it really is just a personal preference.

What’s up with Form > Function in our logo?

Just like it says we believe that Form is greater than Function. Many will argue that this is just a fad and will go away soon, but it’s more then that. As mentioned in the first paragraph, people have been doing it for decades all around the world, we’re just stepping it up and doing it on another level. Please don’t get us wrong though, we have nothing but respect for Function, and if you can pull off Form & Function at the same time you will certainly have our respect.

With that said, if you still have questions or want to contribute please leave a comment below.

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