Fixwell 2023 Photo Coverage.

Japan never disappoints, and we mean it. Whether you make a pit stop at Daikoku on a random evening, or a big car show, the quality and variety of cars will simply never leave you let down. Fixwell is an event we’ve been covering for a few years now and it seems to be held at the same venue every year, so there is nothing new to report except all the cool new cars that show up year after year. Before you go any further make sure to check our old coverage of this event here. This time around we had a ton of photos sent in by our photographer Yuuichirou who captured the roll in and event photos in great detail. We are talking 300+ photos here, so make sure to scroll through all the pages. Up next we’ve got our annual StanceNation Odaiba event coming up so be on the lookout for that coverage from our talented team of photographers!

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