We all know now that the ZN6/ZC6 chassis has become one of the most popular platforms in the last decade. And that’s for many reasons; from the history of the AE86, to the car just being an excellent value for money. The fact that the aftermarket world has embraced it as well as it has certainly contributed to the popularity of the car among the younger car enthusiasts. That certainly was the case with Christian who ended up with one as a high school graduation gift way back in 2014. However as we all know, with the popularity comes oversaturation and oversaturation leads to things becoming “played out”, for lack of better terms. That’s exactly what brings us to today’s feature. The ability to take one of the most popular platforms, add one of the more popular body kits to it, yet still manage to have one of a kind ride after all these years is no easy task, and Christian did just that, and then some.

Over the years Christian has modified his FRS over and over again from different kits to wheels and colors, but the current version is the best it’s ever looked. For years now, his aero choice has been Aimgain Japan’s aggressive, yet classy line of kits. Don’t get it twisted though, this isn’t your out of the box kit. Christian and the guys at Superstar Customs went to work and modified the rear overfenders by raising the fender line up (radiusing) about an inch or so. When done right (such as in this case) the final look is relatively subtle, but it stands out from every other FRS with this kit. Radiusing fenders is a way to be able to fit bigger wheels inside your wheel well, while at the same time being able to stay at the same height as with smaller wheels/tires. To complete the Aimgain look, Christian also went for their fender fin’s as well as a roof spoiler.

One of our personal favorites on this car was the integration of the DAMD diffuser into the rear bumper, but of course Christian didn’t stop there. The A90 Toyota Supra light was also molded into the center of the diffuser which is basically putting a cherry on top everything. Well done Christian!

Since we are talking about exterior features, we have to mention those big Work Wheels W5S’s! Yes, those are 19 inch wheels on a ZN/ZC chassis without a tuck, while at the same time the body of the car is literally laying on the ground. That is the beauty of fender radius! When it came time to get the car low to the ground, Christian went with the best; Air Lift Performance. Lower control arms (by PBM) were also replaced to get the fitment dialed to perfection.

Attention to detail is what will separate your car from others, especially with this chassis. In Christian’s case, Valenti Jewel LED headlights, Valenti Revo 2 LED tail lights gave this 2015 FRS a very modern appearance. A nice finishing touch of ChargeSpeed mirrors and a Lunar Rock color change bring everything together to have what in our opinion is one of a kind Scion FRS. These details also happen to be Christians favorite things about his ride.

Interior is relatively simple, but far from boring. As a matter of fact the interior matches the exterior styling cues perfectly. First we have a pair of Bride ZETA 3 Japan seats and right behind the seats as you’ll see in the photos is a Autopower Roll Cage with added x-brace from the gentleman at KoruWorks. Rear seats were removed (they’re pointless anyway as there isn’t much space back there) and Seibon carbon fiber rear seat panels were put in place instead. To make the driving experience more engaging, Christian swapped out the OEM steering wheel with a Vertex x NightRunner steering wheel & Works Bell hub / Works Bell Rapfix quick tilt. Last but not least, likewise shift knob was also installed which we happen to be huge fans of as well.

There is only one thing we have yet to mention, and that is the engine bay. While at this time the motor is bone stock, Christian believes that he might just tackle that challenge up next. For now, he is content with a custom fabricated exhaust from KoruWorks, some Tomei UEL headers and a K&N air intake. Christian asked us to specifically give a big shout out to TS1 for killer work on that Lunar Rock paint, KoruWorks for fabricating such nice cage & exhaust and last but not least SuperStar Customs for excellent work on those fenders. We’re going to leave you with a few more awesome photos shot by Alec Coutinho. Don’t forget, just because something has been done before, doesn’t mean it can’t be done again but this time taken to a whole new level.