This year Jay Martinez brought me (Chris Petruccio) out to capture the 10 year anniversary of his show, Tuner Evolution. Now I haven’t been around the scene for that long but I have been aware enough to recognize a well put together event when I see one. I have been attending Tuner Evolution since 2013 and since become close friends with Jay and the Tuner Evolution staff. This year they all spoke about going beyond the normal car show and throwing a pre party to help celebrate the 10 years, and man did they throw a party. I was filming some of it and before I knew it I was jumping in a pool with all my clothes on with all my friends. It was an amazing experience and I laughed entire night enjoying every second. The show the next day carried that high throughout. Being surround by so many of my east coast friends and some of my closest west coast ones as well was such an amazing feeling. The quality of cars at the show was not to be looked over either. Tuner evolution showcases some of the hottest cars in the area it takes place and they take pride in that. I am stoked to present to you guys my coverage of Tuner Evolution Philly 2016…ENJOY!

ps. I ran into some file errors with this film that caused me to lose some amazing footage that I would’ve loved to add to this film but my good friends Anthony, Aaron, and Jon came through and helped fill in the gaps so make sure to check them out as well!