John Markley

Thick & Sexy STI.

Typically, all of our fans are used to seeing cars that are slammed to the ground with stretched tires and lots of camber. This beast however is definitely an exception. While featuring a car like this may not really be our forte, we felt compelled t...

AutoCon Photo Coverage // Part 1

It’s 5am, and my alarm is going off on a Saturday. Why am I getting up so early on a weekend? To drive a friend’s LS2 powered FD3S in a caravan with my friends at team R-RYDES to Autocon LA. We showed up, 20 cars deep, around 715 at Santa Anita P...

John Markley

John Markley is an automotive aficionado with an appreciation of every style that is out there. Going from Form > Function to Function > Form was a huge step for him to take, yet he still loves stance and everything about it and will continue to contribute to Stance:Nation all the time.