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Clean Low G35

One of the cleanest G's out there, coming from Sacramento, California. You gotta love the way this thing sits...which reminds me, we'll have a full feature of a different G35 from Sacramento, next week. Stay tuned! ...
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Extremely Sick Vee Dub

This thing looks scary. Definitely something different from the VW crowd. I can't wait to see some finished photos! If anyone has specs of the wheels hit us up, that concave is nuts! Edit: Unfortunately the wheels are photoshopped Miro 111's, but th...
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Mercedes Benz Black Series.

Apparently this isn't a real Black Series, but damn does it look sweet. Love the wide fenders and the sick ADV. 1 wheels. The big brake kit, that stance...I can go on forever! Perfection. Yes, some wider wheels in the rear would have been sweet,...