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REDLINE 350Z park’nHARD!

This is my first post on this site and I decided to use this as an excuse to go out shooting! I shot one of my friends SICK Redline Z over the weekend. He's sittin nice and slammed on his coils with a vertex kit. Overall I love the unique look of the...
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Properly stanced Accord Coupe!

These are old pictures, but I don't ever get tired of seeing this car. The fitment is on point and it's definitely my favorite Accord Coupe of all time. I would love to see it go down another half an inch though, and some more stretch. work emotion ...
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Agressive DC5 *TEASER*

So, I'm sure you've seen this DC5 around the internet and you'll see a lot more of it in the next couple weeks. Here is the current setup. Going down a lot more soon though, so stay tuned. By the way, we'll be shooting the Civic in ...