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Oni Camber – O rly?

I've seen these words going around the internet a lot lately and wanted to share it with you. So, here is the definition of Oni: Oni ( 鬼 ) is the Japanese word for demon or ogre. When it comes to cars, it’s about running the absolute craziest amoun...
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A Proper GD3

Hey Stance Nation it's your new site photographer Michael Kwan!  This is my first post ever on a blog and I'm extremely excited. I hope this will be a proper and entertaining post! With the ever growing stance scene, there's going to be many more ...
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Bay Area tC!

I've been following Kevin's Scion tC's stance progress for a while now and he finally got it right. Sure, it could maybe pull of some bigger adapters in the rear but it's nice the way it is. (more…)...