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Stanced BMW’s

Owners of these two rides are on our forums, I have to show them love. On top of that, these cars are sick as hell. My hat of to you guys. Check out our forums for more pictures! Think your car is worthy of being on this site? Submit it here. ...
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[Static] Lexus GS VIP Style

Desert Sage Metallic Paint Junction Produce Kit (Front Bumper, Side Skirts, Rear Bumper, Roof Spoiler, 3PC Trunk Spoiler, Hood Bonnet, Front & Rear Emblem, Fog Lamps) Megan LP Series Coilovers Stoptech 6 Piston BBK Custom Interior (VIP Tables...
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Track Bred Fd3s

Honestly, this beast makes Keisuke Takahashi's FD3s in Initial D look like child's play. Again, spotted this baby at the Annual car meet in Vancouver but never got a chance to meet the owner. Felix (owner of the pimped out GD3) introduced me to the o...