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Lowest Static BMW E46?

So I just saw this over on SW and I had to share it with you guys.  Am I wrong when I say that this is one of the lowest static E46's around, if not the lowest? Looks so damn goood! What do you think? Credits: Charles Scott...
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2010 VW Golf GTI on Bags

I have yet to see this car in person but the owner of this proper GTI is already doing it big. Sick stance, sick wheels. Seriously nice. I've always loved GOLF's , especially the last generation, but this thing just tops it easily. ...
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Gramlight S2000

I remember being 16 and wanting an S2000, then came 17, 18 and so on, now I'm 23 and one of my dreams in life is to own an s2000, especially after seeing them done up like this. Not a lot of cars will pull of this color of the wheels, but I think thi...