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This has got to be one of our favorite Legacy's out there. Sitting on 18x9 all around set of SSR SP1's and Megan Coilovers, it sticks out from other Legacy's like a sore thumb. Michael definitely has a good taste when it comes to fitting cars right, ...
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Sexual Y33 Nissan Cedric

The amount of work that went into this Cedric is pretty insane, majority of it being one-off stuff such as that 370Z/Z34 style rear bumper piece and the smooth yet aggressive rear spoiler. It is very important to look at the small details on these in...
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Kia K7 VIP Style

Those ugly Korean cars we once used to know have come a long way and are now not only outselling the top dogs from Japan but offer better quality and an overall better bang for the buck. The older, "rather boring to look at" Kia's are out of the pict...