Great, another American car on some over sized wheels?! Woah, hold on…this one is actually somewhat stanced. Oh, look at that, it’s that Charger that I saw on SpeedHunters a long time ago! Oh wait, no, this one looks lower and wider!  Haha, right. We had another shoot today with Elvis’ (AreTee) new stance and here comes the first set of photos. Anthony (l!zerd) is working on the second one that will be posted in a couple days. It was a great day, perfect Bay Area weather and we took hella pictures! We didn’t have any spots in mind so we just kind of cruised and snapped photos away. Anyway, here are the specs of the car, and enjoy the photos!

PS: Make sure you click Read More for more photos!

22X10 Viper Reproduction Wheels.
-13 rear, -2 front.
245/30/22 Tires.
BC Racing Coilovers.
30MM rear/ 20MM front adapters.
Lots of other stuff!











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  1. feia0303

    Great shots Nakul!

    Elvis, every time I see your car i am always impressed. keep up the good work! i’m looking forward to whatever’s the next mod. :]

    • StanceNation

      Thanks Jorge! Next meet is next week, looking forward to seeing you there! :)

  2. bahc

    this thing is seriously slammed…you got those stock sides lower to the ground than most ppl do their big huge sideskirts

  3. AyooAceBoogey!

    i can assure u that i am not a fan of american cars,but this………this made my jaw drop.

  4. Anthony

    Nice ride. i wish i could drop mine that low. Too many potholes in NY. Where did you get the rear spoiler?

  5. William

    If you are thinking about swaping out the wheels let me know because I would definitely be interested in taking them off your hands depending if the price is right!

  6. Bigs

    where can I get this spoiler for my SRT8! Your car is awesome!

    I wanna buy this rims too. 22×9 front with 265/30R22 and 22×10 back with 295/25R22

    greetz from germany

    • Elvis

      I’m actually selling the spoiler for 300 + shipping…not sure what the shipping would be though to GERMANY but I’m assuming it’ll cost at least $100.

  7. William

    Are you talking about selling the deck lid spoiler or the roof spoiler?

  8. Bigs

    Hey Elvis, I think i’m gonna take it. Please send me an email for details.

  9. Tall man

    Hey Elvis cannu tell me where I can buy one of those deck lid spoilers please

  10. Rob

    Hey Elvis, I have an 07 300C SRT8. I want to get the chrome viper replica’s for my car the 22×10. How much can I lower the Front & rear to make the car sit level and not like it does factory with the assend up a little higher than the front and what size tires all the way around so I can rotate them without them rubbing or anything or having to roll my fenders or pull the fenders and for the to sit flush with my fender? I would appreciate you help. If you could recommend what to use for lowering springs and spacers if needed. Thanks

  11. ebeal

    please put the epic video back up with killer soundtrack !! its a classic by popular demand

  12. claudio

    Hey Elvis where can i get those exacly same rims u have there in your car???I wanna it for my challenger srt8…let me know please…

  13. michael gonzalez

    What kind of spoiler is that? I would like on like that for my charger!

  14. Gibbons

    I want the trunk spoiler, but I need a white one. Where did you but yours from?


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