Shukai Japantown 2019 // Photo Coverage.

If you are from the Bay Area (Northern California) Shukai is one of the events you probably look forward to the most. They say best things in life are free, and Shukai is a great example. We have nothing to do with Shukai management but it is clear to us that Shukai isn’t your average car show. As a matter of fact Shukai shouldn’t really be referred to as a car show. It’s more of a gathering / celebration in support of San Jose’s Japantown (one of very few left in the US!), but because the guys in charge of putting the event together happen to be car enthusiasts they figure it would be a good idea to bring some cool cars together as well. Which leads us to another point; If you’re expecting a super competitive car show with extremely detailed screening process then you’re in for a surprise…and that’s not to downplay the quality of cars at Shukai (there are a handful of incredible award-winning show cars every single year). Our point is that Shukai is not just a car show. There is way more to it….and that’s what makes it so special. The vibes are incredible, the weather is just right, there are things to do and see besides cars, the list goes on. We hope to see Shukai again next year as it’s something nice and different from all the other shows…and we could all use something nice and different for a change.

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