Incredible photoshop work by our very good friend Esteban Biber. Many of you will remember the rear end shot that we posted couple months ago of this beautiful Subaru BRZ. After finding some free time Esteban was able to finish the front end thankfully and it looks even better. Most of the modifications are pretty mild such as CCW wheels, lowering, and a few products from our shop such as the windshield banner and that purple freshasf*ck lanyard. Why are we posting a render on the front page you ask? Now that BRZ’s and FR-S’ have hit the streets we’re sure that many owners will be looking for inspiration around the net. Drop a comment below and let us know what you think?!

Render By: Esteban Biber exclusively for

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  1. Allen Harris

    The thing that is really going to get you is that CCW rims has already done this with a stock car.

  2. Miki BMW

    Subaru BRZ is real beauty,as stock car… This car it’s stock look,but in more better view…. It’s slammed…! :) Funny thing about BRZ… In serbian language,in southern speech (it is different accent (don’t get angry if i spelled it wrong)) – BRZ means FAST…. So,it’s name is very inspirating in Serbia…. :)

  3. jamie matheson

    I don’t care if it’s a photoshop or not,1 that’s a great photoshop 2 that looks amazing if I knew that was coming out when I got my 2011 wrx I would have got the brz 2jz swapped it and put some rotiforms under it looks amazing though.

  4. emanlives

    If you don’t mind me asking, around how long did it take you to complete the render.

  5. CarEnthusiast

    Nice photoshop job but the BRZ looks ugly that low, and those are bad wheels for that car.

  6. Guy Succes

    I believe that the BRZ does not get enough attention. That car screams for a mod job. With all that said, nice job Esteban, I can’t wait to get one myself.

  7. JLX27

    i really don’t like the BRZ/86GT/FR-S but this 1 at least had some things done to it


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