Slammed Flush Honda S2000 Japan (8)

Japanese USDM Style S2000.

Some of you Stance Nation readers may remember this car from about a year ago. Some might not even recognize if they do remember it. This S2000 belongs to our Japanese friend Matuun, who in the last feature proclaimed his love for USDM/American s... Read More...
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S2K Love!

Today I had a chance to meet up with 2 local San Diego S2 owners, Jay West with his Rio Yellow Pearl, and JP Baluyot with his Berlina Black. Both rides are far from flawless...but what do you expect from daily driving in SoCal! Both rides are clean a... Read More...
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Honda S2000 Love!

I don't ever get tired of these cars. I'll bet you anything 10-15 years from now, these S2K's will still turn heads just like they do now a days. There is just something about a properly stanced S2000 that makes you just sit there and say, DAMN. Here... Read More...