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That's all we had to say when we first saw this crazy Subaru WRX STI! Unlike the first and second generations of the Subaru STI, we just don't really see third generation STI's getting into the aggressive fitment/stance movement. Obviously with the ... Read More...
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Clean Subie Wagon

As we all know, STI's can pull of some pretty legit setups and with their flares and the wide-looking bodies, they can look super aggressive. Lately however, I've been seeing lots of Subie wagon owners stepping their game up and jumping on the "fitm... Read More...
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Subaru STI Cleanliness.

Saw this on NASIOC the other day, so fresh and so clean. Not your most aggressive setup, but in my opinion, one of the cleanest looking STI's out there. Yes, there is wheel gap, you're not seeing things. I guess this just shows you that you can look ... Read More...