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Clean & Sharp TSX

We've had a thing for this particular TSX for quite some time now. It belongs to Patrick out of Pearl City, Hawaii and if we may add, it's looking quite attractive. Not too long ago, our friend Mark Vallejo caught up with Pat and took a couple awesom... Read More...
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The Majestic One

You're looking at a proper, Mugen kitted Acura TSX, hailing all the way from Toronto, Canada. Not only is this one of the cleanest TSX's we've seen, we're willing to bet there isn't one like it, at least in Canada. To go along with it's smooth, y... Read More...
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Gorgeous Mugen TSX

The Canadian stance movement seems to be coming up quicker then I thought. You would think that with all the not-so-good roads and weather they have up there people would be hesitant about dropping their car inches of the ground! Well, I thought so ... Read More...