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VIP or Overkill?

There is a big debate on SpeedHunters about this particular car. Some claim it's a perfect example of a VIP car, some say it's an overkill. I personally wouldn't call it an overkill...just not a true VIP! What is your opinion? This Crown is stra...
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2010 VW Golf GTI on Bags

I have yet to see this car in person but the owner of this proper GTI is already doing it big. Sick stance, sick wheels. Seriously nice. I've always loved GOLF's , especially the last generation, but this thing just tops it easily. ...
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Liberty VIP in Philly

If you haven't heard about Liberty VIP Car Club by now, you must be new to the VIP Scene. These guys are doing VIP right, and every one of their cars is straight up dope. Think Lexus Gs's, Infiniti's, Audi's, and whatever other modern big body sedan ...