IDL Design End Of Summer Meet 2017 // Photo Coverage.

As Summer draws to a close, our friends over at IDL Design hosted an end of the season meet at their shop in Southern California. For anyone that is familiar with the car scene in Southern California, there is a very good chance that you may have seen a few of their cars at the local SoCal meets or car shows. As far as this year’s IDL meet, there was a really good variety of cars, ranging from clean European builds ( even a few bagged Porsches), track inspired builds, and a good handful of Japanese & domestic rides nestled away in the parking lots and streets that surround IDL. It was definitely a hot day, as many of the spectators and visitors sought for cover underneath the shade. Thankfully there was a food truck present to offer fresh food and cold drinks to everyone. Shoutout to IDL Design again for hosting such a great meet. Enjoy!

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