This NorCal based STI is one of those cars we’ve been meaning to feature for a very long time, but our schedules never quite clicked with owners. I remember first falling in love with this thing when I saw it pull up to our meet mid last year. Back then it sat on Work VS-XX’s which looked just as incredible as the current setup! It was honestly one of the first newer STI’s that I’ve seen in person and actually desired. Vinh is part of the RoyalOrigin family so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see a car with fitment like this coming from them. These guys know what to do to their cars to stand out, and don’t even get us started on how awesome and down to earth they all are individually. Scroll down for more!

Photos By: Brian Valdizno exclusively for

Coming from VS-XX’s, Vinh upgraded to Work Emotion 11R-FT finished in Matte Gray just a few months ago. Offset is right at +22 all around, and wheels are wrapped in the stretch friendly Nankang 235/40/18 rubber. He finished the wheels off with some Kic project r40 neochrome lugs and moved on to the suspension. He dropped it on BC racing coilovers with White line rear camber kit and SPC front camber bolts to tuck those Nankang tires in the fenders. Vinh also added the Cusco front power brace & Cusco front strut bar for some stability. As always, hit the Read More button for more photos!

Exterior of the car features a custom painted grill and foglight housing, painted side badges and painted fog lights that only a couple of cars can pull off. We always get people asking what the red things behind the grill are, and they’re just horns. Well, hellahorns to be exact. Vinh went with a complete Chargespeed carbon fiber lip kit around the car, some tail light overlays and a set of JDM visors to finish it all off. It’s a relatively simple look overall that really works. Tell us what you think in the comment box.

Vinh also played around with some go-fast modifications such as the MXP quad exhaust system with Megan catless downpipe, AEM cold air intake, Cobb Accessport and Buddy Club Turbo Timer. He tells us that he plans on focusing more on the engine once his new wheels are in. That’s right, the 11R’s are already sold and a new set of more aggressive wheels are on the way. All that he would share with us are a few numbers, 18×11! Not much else really needs to be said, right?

Big shout to Vinh and Brian for making this happen finally. Be on a lookout for more RoyalOrigin cars in the near future! We thank you all very much for your support and make sure you like us on facebook!