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  1. Kyle

    Why isn’t Honda considered pure evil for not continuing production of this car? They need to step back and see how successful the GT-R has been, and make something to compete with that for sure.

  2. JBM

    Honestly, Honda has lost their soul in my opinion. They have succumbed to the beigeness of this new automotive world. They killed off the S2000 w/ no replacement. The Honda Civic has become a supremely boring and bland car, even the SI does not have the impact it once had. They killed the NSX off, and have been toying with people with an on again, off-again project to follow up the NSX. The Acura brand is pretty blah, nothing that really evokes emotion or passion. I Love Honda, but they have really let me down in recent years. I really dont see them bringing anything in the near future that will really stir my passion for the brand any time soon; unless they do decide to make a K-Series powered CR-Z, then I will be on board.

    The NSX is one of my dream cars and I will own one in my lifetime.

  3. Josh

    I agree. Toyota/Scion is doing better than Honda is. They don’t seem to have the want to get back in the performance game. To me the newer civic si’s are a joke. I have an 04 RSX-S and it is way better than the civic. They cram the motor in not really leaving any space to work on it. I think they need to bring back the Integra. I know a ton of people that would buy it. People want something new, something better than the old 92-95 civic and 94-01 integra’s. I do like the idea of haveing a new NSX but the problem I see is that there is really nothing affordable out there. I think the GTR is awsome and I’d love to have one but I’m a firefighter for a living. I don’t even make 90k in 3 years total so I’ll never be able to get one. I think Honda needs to bring back the integra and redo the civic where they can still hold their own, maybe with a little work if need me but still be affordable to the average joe.

  4. Josh

    Thus the reason I’m in the process of trying to get on somewhere else but it will still be less than 40K a year. I live in GA. We’re broke lol.

  5. N99GT

    honda need to go back to what them so popular!!! a perfect example is toyota and the 86…….their focusing waaaayy to much on being ‘green’!

    they should come back to F1 as well….

  6. Chang

    Wait for the Detroit Auto Show. Honda is going to rock it. They got a lot to bring to the table

  7. moore

    Acura confirmed launching of its new NSX model at Detroit Auto Show next month. Speculations are this vehicle is going to be different from its earlier models as it might have an advanced hybrid engine equipped with all-wheel drive system. If rumors are true than definitely its going to be a sizzling vehicle form Honda Acura.

  8. awwyeah

    Havent they announced a new nsx? ( atleast a a conecpt ) but it was suppose to be a awd hybrid, now awd dont sound bad at all but a hybrid?.. well it’s suppose to be 400-450whp witch would be great.. but we will see.. i’d like to see that Mugen honda legend v8, over 500whp and 9500rpm’s but it to work Honda!


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