After attending the Crafted Fitment show in Richmond, CA a certain famous quote comes to mind, “Quality > Quantity”. I could instantly tell Crafted Fitment was a quality show from the moment I got there. When I arrived I was greeted with a Crafted Fitment goodie box which included T-shirt and even some fancy car detailing supplies. The show was held at The Craneway Pavillion. Upon arrival, the venue really made you wonder why no other car shows have been held there because it was awesome! The area was very well lit and incredibly well maintained. The quality of course did not stop there. Every car was gorgeous in its own special way, from insane stance to beautifully shaved engine bays and even some ridiculously clean interiors. Big shout out to everyone associated with Crafted Fitment, especially Mike Tolliver himself for putting on the show and bringing out his bagged A8L on Rotiforms and his dumped Odyssey!

Photos By: Watson Lu exclusively for

Okay, I will be the first to tell you that I am not a fan of Scion XBs. Ever since they came out, I simply didn’t like how they looked but this XB had me re-thinking my judgments. At first I thought it was just another rudely colored XB but when I went to inspect it closer I noticed the color matched Winwood BBK, the awesome wheels, custom seats, custom door panel and the wood grain floor. Oh, did I mention it had WOOD GRAIN floors? This XB had an insane amount of work done, and I was blown away. I still am not a fan of XBs but this car was seriously gangster.

Well, it’s not every day you see one of these at your local elementary school. Imagine how cool that kid feels when he gets dropped off.

Even the dogs were on bags, I got a snap of this one when he was “Aired out!”…

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