Track ‘N Show // Kazuki Shizuka’s Nissan R32 Skyline.

The R32 Skyline is easily one of the most important cars in JDM car culture. When you think of the heavy hitters of the 80’s/90’s, the arrival of the R32 was a huge game changer. This was the start of an era for Japanese sports cars, one of the best I would argue. The Skyline has an interesting place in the segment, unlike the Supra or the RX-7; you could get everything from a pedestrian base model 4dr sedan all the way up to Godzilla itself, the GT-R. Because of this, the tuning world has seen Skyline builds in every shape and form you can think of. Kazuki Shizuka has put his own spin on his personal R32 and I’m convinced it’s one of the best mashups of function and form that we’ve seen on one of these cars. It’s his drift car, his track car, and a show winner to top it all off.

From first glance, I can’t help but to fall in love with that candy Valencia Red paint, courtesy of House of Color. There’s just something special looking about a classy paint job over a raw looking aero kit like the Pandem kit Kazuki’s R32 is running. It’s a shocking enough combo on its own that the car needs nearly nothing else to pull in such big presence.

Well, nothing other than a great set of wheels and fitment of course. He’s got a set of 18×10 and 18×10.5 SSR Professor SP1 under those fenders, with -1 and -18 offsets, respectively. Tire choice is spot on here; the car is running a set of 255/35 up front and 265/35 in the rear. Just enough meat to make the car look very functional, fill the wheel gap, yet still small enough diameter to match up with the fender shape and provide that hunkered down stance that commands your attention.

Under the hood, the cleanliness, style, and function carry on. The HKS cam equipped RB25DET sits neatly in between tubbed fenders in a pure white, wire tucked engine bay. A Trust/Greddy TD06 25g turbo sits proudly on display with its top mount manifold and matching polished intake. Custom intercooler piping helps round out the mods under the hood.

Inside, you’ll find an APEXi Power FC controlling the mighty RB, as well as the classic line up of Defi gauges across the passenger side of the dash to monitor the action. The beautiful white paint from the engine bay continues on to the interior, a styling choice that works perfectly in this car. A pair of bright red Bride seats and a Nardi steering wheel round out the functional, yet stylish interior.

The pictures really do this car justice, its consciously put together, tough looking, and stylish in all the right ways. As always, Ryo Kato does an amazing job telling the story visually. Here’s a tip though, find Kazuki on instagram and check out the video clips of him smashing this car around some beautiful Japanese tracks. The sound, scenery, and feelings. Perfection.