Fenderist Japan 2021 Photo Coverage // Part 2.

And just like that, we conclude our coverage of the Fenderist event with 100’s more of epic photos, this time captured by Ryo Kato. We’ve pretty much mentioned everything that needed to be said about this event, but if you’ve missed the first part, simply click here and check it out. As always, huge shout out to the staff of Fenderist for putting on this epic event in a middle of all the craziness that we’re all going through. We know personally that it looked like a very high risk, low reward situation, but in our opinion the reward outshined the risk as 1000’s of spectators came out to show support to some of the finest rides that Japan has to offer. Enjoy and we hope to see you all at the StanceNation Aichi event in Japan. Stay safe everyone!

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