Last year when we hosted our StanceNation Texas event in Dallas, we honestly couldn’t have been more happy with how the event went. Though during and after the event the number one request that came from other fellow car enthusiasts was that they wanted to see a StanceNation event in Houston! Well, fast forward a year and we found ourselves in Houston surrounded by hundreds of Texas finest rides and thousands of car enthusiasts that traveled from as far as Washington & Florida. Some of industry’s leading companies like Meguiars and Toyo Tires were also on board (Toyo even sent a big rig from Cali!) but most importantly many of the familiar faces that we saw in Dallas also came back down to Houston! We can’t even begin to explain to you how good it feels seeing something we worked months for all come together! We hope that everyone that was part of this event had as much fun as we did and we hope to see you all in Texas again next year whether it ends up being Dallas or Houston! PS: Special shout out goes to Gio from Futura Design Brakes for all that he does to help make this event possible.

StanceNation Texas-1

StanceNation Texas-2

StanceNation Texas-3

StanceNation Texas-4

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StanceNation Texas-7

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StanceNation Texas-9

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StanceNation Texas-11

StanceNation Texas-12

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