Let’s just say that Texas never disappoints. We’ve been having shows there for years now and while this year we didn’t see as many TEAM/CREW cars as we had hoped for, the number of vendor cars & individuals not affiliated with crews/teams did increase this time around. As usual, Toyo Tires sent out their big rig and Meguiars took care of all the show cars with their Quick Detailer and microfiber towels which we can’t thank them enough for. We also had a ton of local vendors come out which of course we greatly appreciate. This event was also the last one where our Lexus LS400 would be shown, though we’re feeling pretty optimistic about it’s future. The new owners seem to really know the cars past and appreciate it’s current beauty. With that said, we for sure will be back in Texas for 2018. Whether it’s Houston, Dallas or Fort Worth though we’ll keep as a surprise! Big thanks to everyone who joined us and a special thanks goes out to Kerry Guevara for sending over all these cool photos!