We hate your heat, we hate your humidity, we hate your mosquitos. Ok now that that’s out of the way, we love your amazing foods, we love your cars, and most importantly we love all of you…fans of StanceNation! Texas is pretty much our 2nd home at this point and is the only state where we’ve been holding car shows for 5 years now. The variety of different styles is what makes it one of our top destinations. From fully built slammed (very important) Mustangs to track ready RX7’s/GTR’s and all the way on the other side such as VIP Styled Camry and slammed Ruckus’, Texas is always full of surprises. We want to thank every one of you again for making this possible. Every car owner, every business owner, every spectator that steps foot through those doors, we value and thank you all very much for your support. Big shout out to Kerry Guevara for capturing a ton of awesome staging shots before the doors opened to the public! Enjoy!

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