To say that this year’s Shukai event was successful would simply be an understatement. You want to talk number of cars in attendance? Try somewhere close to twice as many as last year. Spectators? Easily 2 or maybe even three times as many as last years! Why such growth? Well, first of all the event is free to spectate. More importantly, the quality and variety of cars in attendance was really good. But even more important than that is that Cary and the Shukai team seem to have the support from all the locals, including us of course. VANkulture brought out a few vans, SpeedElement brought some cars, Endless Projects brought some fine VIP rides, and the list goes on! We want to congratulate Cary and the team yet again for an awesome event and we’re looking forward to attending next year! Enjoy the photos.

Shukai 2015-1

Shukai 2015-3

Shukai 2015-5

Shukai 2015-6

Shukai 2015-7

Shukai 2015-8

Shukai 2015-9

Shukai 2015-11

Shukai 2015-12

Shukai 2015-13

Shukai 2015-14

Shukai 2015-15

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