Shukai 2023 Photo Coverage // Part 1.

We love Shukai! One of our very own photographers plays a huge role in organizing this thing and you might think we are just playing favoritism but we are not as you’ll see in the photos. The cars that come out to Shukai are just freaking cool. From Euro to Japanese classics and even supercars, it’s all there. The interesting thing about this gathering is that it’s more of a meet than a show because there isn’t really any spectators there. It’s all about the cars, car owners, and whoever decides to tag along with the owners of the cars as they roll in. Truly something you’ll only see in Japan. At least with the level of organization and quality of cars as Shukai staff is able to bring together. We’ll break this coverage into two parts as there are too many photos so make sure to swing back in a few days!

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