As humans, we naturally dislike limits.  It is an intrinsic component of our being to challenge regulations and push the envelope.  We continue to jump higher, run faster, and go farther than what we are told is possible.  Challenging the confines of what is known is as much an identifying factor as religion and opposable thumbs.  There are many ways to break those barriers and in the ever-changing world of automotive modification — wheel fitment has become one more arena in which to push our limits.

Photos & Video By: Jon Tran & Mike Koziel exclusively for

The E85-chassis BMW Z4 is an already wild car from a styling standpoint.  It is both sharp and curvaceous simultaneously — its bold styling pulls as many admirers as those that dislike it.  Until recently, its price point has kept it out of the radar for many younger enthusiasts — with many opting for more popular platforms such as the E46 anyways.  I remember driving one for the first time at a BMW Charity autocross held at the plant shortly after the model’s release and found it an exciting car with plenty of luxury, a bit odd in the world of roadsters.

Southern Californian David Seam has owned his Z4 for two years now.  He originally had started a Y33 Nissan VIP project but lost motivation.  You see, in the VIP world the Y33 had always been popular and made standing out quite difficult.  The choice was obvious, build a VIP-styled BMW Z4 Roadster because.. who the hell else would do that?  It clicked in David’s head.  The car was a good one, with luxurious qualities that lend itself to a VIP-notion but sporting qualities that kept it out of the normal selection.  Fill those swooping rear fenders with big wheels and set that Z-shaped body line closer to the roadway…. he was onto something.

David went to work quickly with assistance from the famous Low ‘N Slow crew — a group that is quite familiar with the Stance:Nation crowd.  He held onto the wheels from his prior Nissan project and decided he would make them work with his new European platform.  The Work Schwert SC2 wheels were redrilled from the 5×114.3 pattern to the correct BMW 5×120, the process performed flawlessly with new inserts, which allowed them to bolt up without adapters to the Z4.  At 18×10″ +0 in the front and 19×10.5″ -8 it was a quite a challenge fitting them beneath the roadster’s fenders.  Seam and his friends patiently massaged the factory metal in order to engorge the small chassis with Japanese VIP rolling stock and accomplished a fitment that is unique to his build.  In the stance world, the limits of width and low offsets are the set challenge for enthusiasts.  It takes someone dedicated to that aspect of the build in order to achieve the fitments they are after and David’s car is definitely among the most impressive Z4 fitments to date.

Aside from the aforementioned fender modification, the svelte silver silhouette remains mostly factory.  The only other additions are a Euro-front lip spoiler and black kidney grills.   The interior ambiance works in tune with the silver finish with cool teal and blue tones for the upholstery.

In order to properly lay the Z4 out and stuff the fenders into the barrels, David called on a custom air suspension setup.  The system incorporates Megan coilover shocks/struts with UAS bags and AirLift V2 management.  Centrally, a ViAir compressor works with a 3-gallon tank.  Custom rear camber arms contribute adjustability for fitting those massive Work wheels.

What’s next for the boundary-pushing BMW?  More boundary-pushing of course.  David plans to go wider with a color change and more aggressive aero modifications.  He tells us he will continue to break barriers with his build and is humbled by those fellow enthusiasts who have supported him with his eccentric project.  With a unique chassis and total disregard for the status quo I’m sure Mr. Seam will have no problems accomplishing his goals and dropping plenty of jaws along the way.

[toggle_item title=”Wheels/Tires/Suspension” active=”true”]Work Schwert sc2 // 18×10 +0 19×10.5 -8
Airlift V2 with UAS bags
1 3 gallon tank
1 viar compressor
Megan racing coilovers/struts
custom rear camber arms
Front camber notch work[/toggle_item]
[toggle_item title=”Exterior” active=”false”]Euro front lip
Front and rear fenders rolled and pulled[/toggle_item]
[toggle_item title=”Interior” active=”false”]Custom light teal/blue interior
Full led all around inside and out[/toggle_item]