Regardless of what anyone tells you, the “stance” scene isn’t going anywhere. As a matter of fact, we haven’t even hit the peak yet, nor are we going to anytime soon. If you really want to get technical, slammed cars, stretched tires, etc. have been around for decades now but it was just never as mainstream as it is nowadays with the power of internet. Not too long ago, the stance/fitment bug bit our Polish friends that go by the name of Raceism. They’ve held meets and events before but none of them were as big as their last one just a few days ago. Raceism was one of the first crews/groups to really go big with the fitment scene in Poland and this time around it was no exception. Cars came from all over Poland, DJ blasted awesome music all day, couple different competitions went down, and of course a few sexy models were present. After the event about 40 cars went for a drive thru Wroclaw, Poland and shot photos and videos for a couple hours. Looks like a good time if you ask us? Big shout out to Raceism and every other crew & group out there that help spread the word out about our awesome scene! Poland, we’ve got our eyes on you!

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